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What is the Series 65 Exam and How Can I Pass It?

I have a motto as a mentor that I tell the advisors I work with on an almost daily basis: the more you learn as a financial advisor, the more you’ll earn. While this motto can refer to multiple ways of learning such as reading books, listening to podcasts, and...

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How to Handle Defensive Clients as a Financial Advisor

As advice-based financial advisors, we deal with a number of different personality types in our clients. Some are easy to get along with and take advice well and some…don’t. I’ve found that many of my clients who I’ve developed very close relationships with had their...

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About Patrick

Patrick Tucker is the founder of True Measure Wealth Management and has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. As he got started in financial planning services he quickly became aware that the industry tilts towards sales and salesmanship versus having the genuine financial knowledge, a servants heart, and providing advice in the best interest of clients and the public. After switching his practice to fee-only 15 years ago, he found a simple, easy and elegant way of operating as a business owner. He shares his knowledge with the industry and hopes to provide education to those in the same profession. Patrick is passionate about mentoring Financial Advisors to entrepreneurial freedom and sharing his acquired wisdom and knowledge to those who desire to be financial caregivers like himself.

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